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Elucidation of electrostatic discharge (ESD)  phenomenon in semiconductor device manufacturing process

ESD is a significant issue in semiconductor chip manufacturing. We are investigating the causes of ESD and taking countermeasures against ESD. We have elucidated the ESD of pure water spray cleaning and have produced many results. Recently, Seike Lab. has also achieved results in ESD countermeasures by using AI technology.


Physical cleaning of semiconductor chip manufacturing process

The cleaning process is important in semiconductor chip manufacturing, and it accounts for one-third of all processes.
Seike Lab is researching the physical cleaning of semiconductor chips using ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning. Specifically, we analyze the physical cleaning mechanism and propose cleaning methods that match each process. We are also proposing a new cleaning method for chips with a line width of several nanometers.​

Data science in manufacturing technology

Seike Lab conducts joint research with companies to research quality engineering that utilizes data science (deep learning, machine learning, multivariate analysis, etc.) as a production technology. Using various sensors developed by Seike Lab., Iot is realized, and data processing is centered on MATLAB and JUSE-StatWorks. One of the purposes is for students to acquire the production technology of companies quickly.


Fabrication of organic devices using spray coating and inkjet

Organic devices such as organic EL and organic thin-film photovoltaics are expected as next-generation devices because they can produce lightweight and flexible devices. At Seike Lab, we are researching organic devices' fabrication using electrospray technology, which applies a high voltage to a material to atomize it, and inkjet technology. For coating film formation, an organic device with a three-dimensional shape such as a smart contact lens can be realized.


Seike Lab conducts education with the motto "Try it! & Fun too." Recently, we feel timid to take on the challenge. I'll try it anyway. It's fun too. At university, we challenge and even if we fail, everything is forgiven. Not challenging is a failure. Let's do it anyway.

To everyone in the company
At Seike Lab, we are actively conducting joint research so that students can quickly get in touch with society. Collaborative research with companies has changed the quality of research, the sense of speed, and above all, the way of thinking of students. We are looking for many companies that can watch and educate our students together. Please contact us if you are interested.

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